The Totalitarian Regime a dream by zach yanes

My dream started out with me leaving school from the athletic parking lot, however the parking lot was laid out differently than normal. I made eye contact with a girl as she proceeded to back her white, 2-door GMC truck into the tennis courts to which i laughed. Shortly after this I side swiped someone backing out and I proceeded to leave without stopping only to run over some huge piece of metal. After i had got passed everything in the parking lot I approached the exit which led to a highway similar to Mopac. So to keep up with the traffic I had to exit quite fast which led me to almost interfere and hit a motorcyclist who proceeded to swerve in and out of traffic ultimately crashing and exploding. I was astonished and another explosion occurred and again and again these explosions happened until out of nowhere my viewpoint zoomed out to like a map of all the explosions (something like call of duty). I was now laying down on a wooden floor in my family friends house. I looked out the window to see a guard in the middle of the yard wearing a white tank top and blue shorts and holding a gun. These guards were placed strategically in every yard in the neighborhood and would fire every now and then. as i was laying on the floor a voice comes on over head explaining what was going on. The voice, which was that of siri, explained that every house in the neighborhood was designed the same for our safety. Through the voice i could hear explosions happening over and over around the house and then i woke up.

Car crashes - I think this has a lot to do with my occasional bad driving habits. Normally I am a very safe driver, however sometimes it gets pretty reckless which i think i know but don't really acknowledge. This is probably a way for my subconscious to communicate with me to stop my bad driving because it could potentially have some terrible consequences.

Friend's house - In my dream i was inside my family friends house. I have not seen these people in a long time and or been in their house for a while. I think this has to do with me missing them and the good times we used to spend together. They are considered family because they would do anything for us and I guess that's something I really appreciate and when in a time of need in my dream i guess i went to them for protection.

Getting on a highway - I think the reason in my dream that i had to enter a highway with cars going super fast had something to do with me feeling like I'm getting left behind. Sometimes I let the homework pile up and it hits me all at once, stressing me out. This is a symbol of me fearing that I can't keep up sometimes and I get anxious.

Lady's voice - I think the Lady's voice in the background of my dream means I need a woman's help in my life. In times of trouble i seek help from my mother and in this dream I was in need of help. Although the woman's voice was mono tone it still brought me comfort to know what was going on.

According to the psychoanalytic/psycho dynamic view this dream represented my hidden and unconscious needs and wants. The car crashes was a way of saying that i need to be more careful. The fact that i was in my family friends house shows that subconsciously I wanted to see them again because i had not seen them in a while. The fast entrance on the highway symbolized my fears of getting left behind in school and lastly the lady's voice served me comfort in a time of need which in times of distress I need.


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