Get a Vital Personal or Business Portal today ! All services are month to month yet the longer you stay with us the benefits, discounts, rebates and rewards add up. Your portal will be ready in hours. Partners, teams, work groups, can collaborate easily , fast, and efficiently. Create your content offline, upload and share. Get everyone on the phone, send the link , login no additional software needed. Remember show and tell ? This is way cooler.

Vital - Connect mobile telephone services are shown below, place your order today. All of our services come with a host of free features, benefits, discounts rewards, and rebates not offered by other carriers.

Our Basic service level $32.00 per month with 1 GB of data.

Our Standard service level, $45.00 per month with 3 GB of data.

Our Premium service level is $65.00 per month with unlimited data.

Coming in later this year our Mobile version of MyVitalTV with every level of service. A portfolio of live and recorded movie , news , entertainment channels streaming on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop at not extra charge to any of our service levels.

Do you need an upgrade ?

Got phones ? We got phones. Visit Vital-Connect to purchase a phone today. We have multiple vendors and manufacturers offering special pricing, discounts, rebates, and models if you purchase from us.

Get your team an international mobility plan and collaboration portal with unlimited data

Coming soon our mobile streaming studio and service package. Live and recorded production and broadcast equipment and connectivity for 1 camera to 10.

Click here to see our line of phones available for in your office Voice over Internet Protocol services for small, medium and enterprise organization wide communications needs. One office or multiple locations we will connect you.

Later this year you can visit our App Store to enhance your productivity and maximize the value of your phone and mobile services plan.

Get a new Lenovo Tablet or Smart Display with a hotspot and mobile phone plan included scroll down to learn more.

Check out our Lenovo - Vital ToolBox it includes a desktop or laptop, phone, hotspot, Xerox Multi-Function Printer, and Office 365 Bundle. Visit our Vital-Connect Portal to learn more about the Lenovo - Vital ToolBox features and your benefits, discounts , rebates and rewards, below.

Need more information about our Lenovo - Vital ToolBox ? Call us at 229-588-0075 we are here to help ! Yes, we will finance it for you.

Get a Refurbished Apple Mac Mini and iPad Pro with a hotspot and mobile phone plan included

Ask about our Apple - Vital ToolBox - with a Refurbished Apple, Desktop or Laptop, Phone, Hotspot, Xerox Multi-Function Printer, and Office 365 for Mac Call us at 229-588-0075. Yes we will finance it for you !

It's time to upgrade , right ? !!!

Panic now before its too late, call us at 229-588-0075, email us salesops@vital-inet.com or visit the Vital-Connect Web Store

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