Good life: Tour of the Harn By Ethan Levinson

"Harn Museum of Art." Harn Museum of Art - Visit Gainesville - Florida Vacation Destinations. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Feb. 2017.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the artist

Up close and personal with Untitled by Joel Shapiro
Untitled caught my eye as soon as I walked into its display area in the Harn Museum. It's a striking piece but from a picture it might just look like another sculpture of something that makes no sense. Once you get up close, you gain a new appreciation for the form of the work and the type of movement and flux it represents. The white bronze is something to see in person as a picture doesn't do justice to the beautiful material Shapiro decided to use in his piece. It seems so simple at first; one might just see it as a bunch of random rectangular prisms put together. Upon actually seeing what the piece represents, the human form in movement with spontaneous energy, it clicked in my head and a whole new appreciation formed for the artwork in front of me. It was a completely new experience for me and I was surprised by a seemingly simple piece making me think so much about everything within it and what it represents.

Design of the Museum

Entrance of the Asian Art Wing in the Harn Museum
The multiple wide windows of this wing flood the room with light. Ask I walked in, this light along with the wooden accents in the flooring and walls created a sense of tranquility and calmness that added to the pieces within the Wing.
Although it's a little hard to tell, that's me in front of the garden and windows of the Asian Art Wing. This area provided a much different feeling compared to other areas of the Harn. I enjoyed the calming presence the room had with the garden in the background exemplified by the huge wall of windows making the room feel authentic and alive. When you first walk in, only two large pieces of artwork lay on the floor, making the room feel much less cluttered than other areas and adding emphasis to the works. I felt as though the art in this Wing of the museum was made to feel important strategically due to the design choices that the pieces were kept within.

Art and Core Values

The oil painting Manhattan was one of my favorite pieces while visiting the Harn.
One of the things I value the most out of life is doing something meaningful on my own. New York City is a place I consider as the epitome of this sentiment. George Grosz's painting Manhattan brought this to life and really depicted what I see myself accomplishing in the future. The painting shows the scale and how tightly packed the city can be and the overwhelming size of it all. It puts in perspective how big of a challenge I intend to embark on and how big my aspirations are in a city that can easily become too much for someone. I felt both nervousness yet excitement while examining the painting and thinking what the implications of my future belonged in this picture. It made me put things in perspective and realize things won't be as easy as I think in this huge of a city where everyone wants to be someone.

art and the good life

Figuras Constructivas up close shows Torres-Garcia's use of Constructive Universalism to represent the human form. The geometric shapes he uses form a generic man and woman for which any viewer can relate to with some person or relationship in their life.
Depicted in Figuras is the universal act of conversation and interaction to which any person could see as a human in a social setting. Part of the Good Life is the shared experiences with others to which everyone needs in some degree. Every human wants to feel connects to each other and share experiences, stories, and conversation. When you look at the picture and really think about what it is showing, you realize that no matter what nationality or area of the world you come from, social interaction is something shared between all of us. This is something I never considered in depth but when you delve deeper into the painting the true essence of the Good Life becomes clearer.

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