1- you need at lest 300 wooden sticks.

2- you also need at least 2 small bottles of Elmers glue.

3- you need 2 or 3 water bottles.

4- 2 or 3 tissue boxes

5- a box of paper clips.

6- a box of rubber bands.

7- a yard stick.

Step 1- you need 14 sticks and glue them end to end and then put another stick on top of the end to end ones.

Step 2- repeat the 1st step a second time.

Step 3- take 2 sticks and glue them together to make triangles.

Step 4- make 18 triangles.

Step 5- after the triangles are dry glue them to the polls the at you made in steps 1 and 2.

Step 6- after they dry glue sticks to the top of the triangles.

Step 7- then let that dry.

Step 8- Then take 2 or 3 tissue boxes or water bottles and put them in between the two sides of the bridge and them use rubber bands to hold it together.

Step 9- Now you need to put sticks on the top of the bridge with the bottle or tissue box still in it.

Step 10- When to top is dry you can start putting sticks on the bottom and you can do it many ways and this one is by making x's and you can put them side by side.

Step 11- when dry you are done.

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