Digital Dreams By Jasmine Smith

Sharing personal information online and social media can have serious consequences, every account made, post shared, liked or tweeted goes towards a digital blueprint personally devoted to each individual. 'Digital Dreams' is a body of work created to illustrate and raise awareness about how much someone can learn about you from posting your dreams and personal information on the internet. Although people might not realise it, dreams reveal a lot about how you are feeling, events and activities that occurred during the previous day, as your bodies way of processing, analysing and finding out solutions to these circumstances and feelings caused by them and therefore revealing a lot more about you then you might first realise...

Moon Water

"I was walking through a crystal healing shop with a friend that shares my same spiritual views, but the stones all seamed plain and mundane. we rummaged through them, they were surrounded by herbs and incense, the colours and smells were earthy, but nothing caught our eye. Then hidden under a shelf glowing was a bowl made from moonstone with moon water inside. it was so magical, glowing pale blue and pearl colours. my friend held it out to me. and then i awoke, i found this one strange since i've never heard of moon water before and didn't know it was something that existed."- Dreamcloud

Paris in a Temple

"I was walking around my village, and there seemed to be a fair. There were more children than usual and there were people singing and dancing, having fun. I went to a group of kids, who were showing off their fighting skills. I know there was more to this dream beforehand, but I forgot that part, so I'll just start here. So these kids were showing off their battle skills, and they were jumping around and playfully hitting each other. I stepped up and said to give me a try. The boys laughed and tried hitting me. But I grabbed his arm and swung him to the side. They asked me how the hell I could do that, and I said that I was a Mototsumitama, and that they were born that way. (Mototsumitama means The Ones with the Blood of Gods, last time I checked.) They stared at me, as I flew away towards the temple with my mother's jacket. I looked around to see if I could find her and I saw her walk up the stairs to the living area. The second floor is usually reserved for people living there, like rooms, and in my dreams, they're little rooms with a bed, closet etc, although in real life, its only offices. So I expected mom to want to sleep in one of those rooms, but when I got there, it was not at all the hall with the doors. It was a very small hall, with a huge hole in the middle, going down to a launderette with working women from the 19th or 20th century. Mama was down there wearing working clothes. At the end of the hall, there was a room with tables lined up, which seemed to be a cafeteria, there was a room with two double beds and more frilly things for a rich girl. And the rich girl was in bed, doing her hair. "Ask my mother when I'll get a room for my own." she told me. "Now get on!" I figured she must've thought I worked there, so I turned around and started looking for the girl's 'mother'. I found a room with two or three weak tables, and another room where other girls my age were sowing. and when I entered, they smiled and gave me a uniform, saying that I must be the new recruit in the Paris Fashion shop. I was bewildered cuz until now I thought we were in the temple in my village, but when I looked out of the window, I saw the Eiffel Tower right in front of us, and I fainted. Meaning I woke up..."- Dreamcloud

An Unexplainable Feeling Called Love

"I was walking in this old abandon factory with a group of about 5 people. One of them had his arm around my shoulder and we were just casually talking, but still flirting a bit. All of a sudden one of the other girls in the group stopped walking and that made us all stop, then she said quietly "There coming!" so we all ran and we turned to the side and saw three big lights they were circular and they were really bright so we all hid in front of the lights, but because of the lights being so bright they could not see us. A few seconds later they came by us and luckily did not see us. We all got out of the light after that and we all thought it would be safe so we headed up a couple of stories and me and the guy who had his arm around me went out on the balcony. We were just talking, but we also kissed once and right after that kiss the men came back two of them wearing all black suit of armor like from the medieval ages pushed his over the balcony rale, but he grabbed both the guards and pulled them over with him and I watched him die. I watched his blood coming out of his body because of the impacted and the two guards that landed on top of him. At this point I was in tears. But I normally replay scenarios in my dreams so this replayed two times. The only difference is the helmet colour, the second time it was blue and the third time it was purple. As that ended I was in this bright apartment room and with all the people in that group that I was with before in the factory.I looked much older like in my twenty's and I and only 13 right now. I looked down at my side to see a little girl and she said to me "Mommy, where's daddy?" and I said back back "I have all ready told you ,he is in a better place." remembering what happend. " now go have a good 3rd birthday, sweetheart." then I woke up."

Published on Sep 24, 2012 "Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who finds out specific financial information. This video reveals the magic behind the magic, making people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online. And by doing so urging everybody to be vigilant."

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All dream creations were taken from peoples dreams which they posted on Dreamscloud-

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Dream Resources:

Dream Expert- Ian Wallace, Dreams don’t just happen to you. You create your dreams.

"Dreams don’t just happen to you, you actually happen to your dreams. You create everything in your dreams. Every person you encounter, every place you go, every event you experience is generated by your unconscious self. By understanding why you create your unique dream content, you invariably achieve a profound understanding of who you really are, what you really need, and what you really believe. This is also true for your dreams in waking life. Your greatest ambitions and deepest aspirations don’t just happen to you – you have to actively create them. By using the unconscious understanding you create every night in your dreams, you can connect far more deeply and successfully with your lifetime ambitions and aspirations."- Ian Wallace

Understanding Dreams: This video helps to illustrate what dreams are, why we have them and what they are about or based upon:

Sometimes the messages conveyed in our dreams can be confusing and not always obvious, at first, leaving us with filled with questions and confusion as we wake up, there are many sites dedicated to helping people to decode dreams and to help understand the meanings of them. 'Dream Dictionary' (click button above for website) helps us to decode our dreams, without having to type them into any social media or internet surveys, and is just as successful.

Heres why sharing personal information online can be dangerous and what you can do to avoid it:

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