Poetry culminating task Rupi kaur

Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet, writer and illustrator. She was born in punjab, india and immigrated to toronto when she was 4, she also attended the university of waterloo in ontario. Milk and Honey is her first and only book, the book is split into four chapters the hurting, the loving, the breaking, the healing. This book was a top selling for Canadian literature on amazon. Even made it to the New York Times bestsellers and remained on it for 25 consecutive weeks.
Rupi kaur is a free verse poet, she is a free spirited writer and expresses her thoughts through her poems. She uses very little structure, she has a few imagery poems as well. She doesnt use many rhymes but her words flow very well in my opinion.
Techniques: Imagery, because she says "she is so striking that she makes my body forget it has knees" when i read this i can imagine. Anaphora, because she says "yours telling me i am beautiful" twice in a row. Apostroph, she adresses someone when she says "is there anything I can do to make you think..". Enjambment (or enjambement), she only uses one comma in the whole poem. Hyperbole “ she is so striking she makes me forget i have knees”
Her poems do connect to our time period because, our generation is very different then any other generation before us. We now have social media and technologie which impact our lifes emmensily. Bullying and intimidation is now not only happenning in the highschool hallways but over the internet on our personal social medias. Alot happens between closed doors; or should I say between our finger tips..
She has published one poetry book that is very well known called “Milk and Honey” it talks about the love, healing, heartbreak and sadness. Her poems are very touching and relatable. As a teenage women, I believe these poems can easily help many women who go through these life events, having a heartbreaking relationship or even self esteem issues, stress and anxiety ect..
These poems connected to me and were very relatable because I could understand them very well, I have been in a long relationship that recently ended and I found alot of comfort in these poems because they spoke about the heart break side but also with heartbreak comes healing and I loved how compassionate the poems she writes are. She connects with her readers on a personal level. She speaks about issues that arent easy to talk baout and sometimes, people dont have the courage to talk to a trusted individual about these issues. I believe u can find alot of good advice in these poems.


As a new poet I have evolved as a writer, I am more capable of openning up and being more expressive of my emotions. I find it easier to express my feelings because when im writting free verse poetry, they're is no structure and you can write down everything as it comes to mind. Having very little bounderies helps me communicate to my reader because I am able to say things exactly how they come accross in my mind.
My poem is about a break up, which I believe alot of Miss Kaur's poems are about. It is about someone whom you could assume is OCD and was dependent on another individual and now that this individual is no longer present, she is almost "re-learning" how to do things by herself. I used imagery techniques, Enjambment techniques, Hyperbole techniques. I am not as familiar with these techniques as I wish I was but thats because poetry is not something I read on my personal time in which it is hard for me to use them all to their full potential.
My poem did turn out as I would have liked, although I would have liked to be more fimilliar with the writing techniques so that I could apply more to my own poem next time. I believe this is a very emotional poem and it can easily be relatable to.
I would like to work on my writing techniques more, maybe by reading more poems I could improve in this category. Also analyzing the poetry is something I find very difficult because I dont always understand what the poet is writting about.

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