A few OCHS heroes A letter from Donna S. Reese, OCHS Treasurer

As treasurer for the Oktibbeha County Humane Society, numbers are at the forefront of my daily life. I’d like to tell you about several numbers significant to OCHS over the last twelve months:


The number of spay/neuter surgeries performed for pets owned by members of our community who lack access to veterinary care


How many volunteers that helped further the mission of OCHS, performing tasks like walking dogs, folding laundry, and speaking with the community about animal welfare


The average cost of care – covering spay/neuter surgeries, medication, transportation, and daily care


How many homeless dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits that crossed our doorway, on the way to their forever homes


OCHS’s lifesaving percentage – a number that exceeds the state and national averages!

Beyond the numbers though, and ultimately our daily focus, is the story of one. One cat spayed through our low-cost clinic. One dog driven hundreds of miles to find his new best friend. Keep scrolling to meet Erica and Karleigh – two heroes just like you who made a difference in the lives of Bitty B, Bitty C, and Shaylee.


Erica has a big heart for orphaned animals. The shelter is a difficult place for newborn puppies and kittens; OCHS always seeks a foster parent when newborns are brought to the shelter.

When a week old kitten was found as a stray, Erica offered to foster her—even though it meant bottle-feeding Bitty B every two hours! A few days later, Bitty C arrived at the shelter under similar circumstances, and Erica didn’t hesitate to take him in too. Healthy and thriving, Bitty B and Bitty C were fortunate to be adopted—together!


Karleigh wanted to make a difference in the life of a shelter pet but was unable to adopt. She reached out to OCHS and offered to take three year old lab mix Shaylee on a field trip, with the goal of giving Shaylee more exposure to the public and to potential adopters.

One Saturday, Shaylee and Karleigh went on an adventure including a walk through the Cotton District and lunch at Bulldog Burger. Five days later, after eighty days in the shelter, Shaylee’s “Gotcha Day” arrived. She joined canine big sister Annabelle for a lifetime of treats and play.

Your year-end gift will benefit homeless pets just like Bitty B, Bitty C, and Shaylee, and bring us closer to a world where the only number that matters is zero, and there are no more homeless pets.

Thank you for your support!