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Charlemagne - First Roman Emperor from pope.

Reformed laws, educational system, monetary standards.

Charles Great, King Charles I, Father Europe.

Charlemagne was a tall, friendly ruler, and was also a skillful politician

Under his leadership, the kingdom controlled by the Franks doubled in size

growing to include France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

This kingdom became known as the Frankish Empire.

And was the first kingdom since the fall of the roman empire


Clovis the first king convert to Christianity

Builds military under the romans nose to take back his people

At 20 he attacks and makes his move on the roman empire

He won and tips the balance of history

Wins the franks a home of their own

Start of the dynasty named after his grandpa

Own both west and east of the niven river

He prays for victory and they win and are able to rescue is injured friend converting to christian

king of a Germanic tribe known as the Salian Franks

Pepin the Short

Pepin king established the Carolingian Empire

Pepin had the backing of God or is god's chosen ruler

In exchange for a blessing he protected the church

the Church in Rome was under attack by a non-Christian

They were called the germanic tribe of lambards

Got assistance from the Byzantine Empire

This left the Pope with no choice but to turn to the Franks.

But when he arrived they denied his request

Pepin the Short successfully removed the Lombards

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