1st Punic War By Wesley

The Punic War was a battle between Carthage and Rome.

Carthage and Rome

The whole war lasted almost a century.

The three Punic Wars took place from 264 BC to 146 BC.

The 1st Punic War was 246 BC to 241 BC.

The war was fought in Sicily, the Western Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia, and North Africa.

Carthage defeated Rome, but they lacked manpower after the defeat, so they withdrew from Rome.


Carthage and Rome both controlled parts of Sicily.

Carthage and Rome started fighting because they both kept acquiring more land until they bumped into each other.

Neither country wanted to give up land and both wanted to keep growing.

Roman Battleship

Most of the war was fought in the Western Mediterranean and Sicily.

Rome built many battleships, but they had no navy and knew nothing about sea battle.

Rome was more familiar with land battle.

So they made a moveable gangplank.

It would attach to enemy ships, immobilizing them. This allowed them to fight more like a land battle


The Punic War was costly to both sides. They lost manpower and used a lot of money.

However, Rome did learn more about sea battle.

Carthage was forced to withdraw for lack of supplies and manpower.

Rome defeated Carthage in 146 BC.

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