Portraits Trystan neff-Barrett

For my outside photo I used a different angle so that it wasn't a straight on photo of his face. I also made sure that the photo wasn't over saturated by choosing an angle away from the direct light.
for my natural surrounding I took a photo of him using his phone, and crossing his ankle so that both sides were not symmetrical. We played with where exactly he would sit so that the light would create a shadow therefore creating depth.
For my playing with Natural light photo I had Brandon stand in front of a bright window, because his black hoodie would make a nice contrast to the light outside. I also used selective focus because everything in the photo is blurred but him.
For my against a wall photo I had Isaiah lean against the lockers and to create depth his knee was away while his torso was up against it. Natural lighting was used to create different shadows in the background.
For my away from a wall photo I used a pattern background to create repetition. Also the very muted colors add an eerie feeling to the photo.
For my without flash photo we tried to find a semi dark place so that when we used flash it didn't become over saturated. This is also using a worms eye view.
For my with flash photo it ended up showing the depth in his face. But it also removed the depth between the wall and his body.
On this photo the stairs are slightly blurred to really focus on the subject.
For this photo we the lighting caused shadows, which made dimension.
For this photo I used selective focus to really show the subject. I also used framing by having him stand on the inside of the window frame.

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