Drop It Like It’s Hoppe By Mark Ovdabeast


2013 | Rap

“I got Mises on my shelf, a low time preference for wealth and I roll argumentation ethics for the ownership of self."


  • The song lays out an imaginary conversation between Hans Herman Hoppe and Stephan Kinsella.
  • While performed by Mark Ovdabeast, the song had additional writers Evan Isaac, Colin Porter contributing.


Luke Tatum

You know, this is just one of those things. Every movement of has some, let's say, cultural antecedents. In the case of libertarianism, the first names that come to mind are Menger and Mises. But as the cause progresses, becomes large enough, great scholarship emerges to bolster and expand the ideas of the forefathers. That's the role that Hoppe fills. This song is hilarious, and while Hoppe can at times come under fire from people who have almost invariably never read more than a few sentences of his work, having this kind of fan-parody surely secures his spot in the annals of liberty.

Sherry Voluntary

Cute parody! I'm not gonna pretend to be a Hoppe expert, but I will say that I find argumentation ethics a great concept, and one of the best defenses of self ownership and the non-aggression principle. Stephan Kinsella continued the logical smack down with Dialogical Estoppel. What else can I say, but get a good grasp of these concepts and your libertarianism will level up.

Nicky P

Such a silly song. I love it. Poor recording quality and all.The song poses Stephan Kinsella and Hans Herman Hoppe as rappers. The rhymes are better than some other MCs in this market have done for sure. It hits the big notes of Kinsella's position that IP is simply government sanctioned monopolistic privilege and Hoppe's two main contributions: argumentation ethics and that conservative societies tend to work better. That latter i'm not entirely on board with especially when it gets into the bullshit IQ arguments but both the anti-IP position Kinsella offers and Hoppe's argumentation Ethics are valuable contributions to the libertarian catalogue. The song has a bunch of insider jokes and is worth putting on this list for that reason alone.

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Nicky P