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The Colosseum

The Colosseum (also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre) is one of the top five places to visit in Italy. It's in Rome and was built in 70-80 AD.


This is the type of money used in Italy. It's a Euro. One euro would be $1.04 in American dollars.

Fun in Italy

In the warm weather some Italians could be found hiking and biking around their towns. In winter and/or colder weather they take up skiing.

Food in Italy

Italians many eat pasta, cheese, and rice. Yet they also have seafood and a range of vegetables they eat as well.

Landforms in Italy

The most common landform in Italy is the water ways, as the county is almost fully surrounded by water. Yet they also have the Alps in their mountain range.

Government in Italy

Italy has a republican government. The first government was monarchy and changed to republican on June 2, 1946.

Clothing in Italy

Most people wear jeans (in good condition) and most women wear blouse with them and /most/ men wear pressed sports shirt.

Jobs in Italy

Their are many jobs in Italy such chef, fashion model, and shop owners, ect.

Lily Festival

The Lily Festival takes place in a small town called Nola, you are too carry an object called a Gigli throughout the town on the day of the festival. Gigli's are large wooden obelisks measuring twenty-five meters high. They are normally shaped like lilies.

Region in Italy

A huge chunk of Italians are Chrisians, i.e Roman Catholics.

Italy Trip Done!

Hope you liked the small facts I had in here!

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