Concussions in the NFL Robert James

Concussions in the NFL are a major problem. They are causing long term disorders in former players. The most deadly disorder is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

As you can see these brains are very different. CTE causes your brain to slowly deteriorate.

Many players have suffered and even taken their own lives because of CTE. One of the most well known faces behind this situation is Junior Seau.

This is a picture of Junior is his prime with the San Diego Chargers.
Junior Seau is one of the most notable faces behind CTE. He was a hall of fame line backer who took his own life, because of the suffering CTE was causing him.

The NFL has a number of ideas to help prevent concussions in the NFL. Their ideas include rule changes, new helmets, and a smart strap. 

The first idea is the new helmet made by Vicis.

While this helmet seems like the perfect fix for concussions. It still has many problems. One it will cost way more than the average priced helmet in the league right now. Two it needs to be tested in real life game situations on people instead of dummies. 

The next innovative equipment idea is the smart strap.
These straps are designed to fasten when the head is jolted in any direction with an alarming speed. Army Research Lab belives this will be a asset to a players equipment to help prevent concussions.

Just like the new helmet ideas these smart straps have a couple of problems. One they have not been field tested. Two they could be a dangerous area to get tackled from. 

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