Tonsils are two small masses of tissue lodged in the back of your throat and tonsillitis is an infection that infects your tonsils. It causes your tonsils to swell up and have bacteria for a few days.
Tonsillitis can be referred to as a disease because a human is not born with the inflammation in the throat. Tonsillitis was discovered in the first century and at that time doctors would remove your tonsils with sharp tools. Today doctors still remove your tonsils, and once they are removes you are able to eat cold and soft beverages like milkshakes, ice cream etc.
There are not many medications that you can take as tonsillitis is an infection that is only cured with time. However, there are still some medications that you can take to help cope with the pain of it. For example, you ca take over the counter painkillers to help ease the symptoms of tonsillitis.
An alternative that people turn to are antibiotics. Some people believe that it may help hurry up the process of tonsillitis but in reality it will make it worse. In some cases, it can make your symptoms worse or it can give you even more side effects, depending on how your body reacts to it.
This disease can be passed on to another person with a simple hand shake. This makes it contagious since it is spread very easily to other people.



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