The Dog Beach By: alex myers

This story takes place during a trip to a pet friendly beach located on the edge of the quite town of New Symrna.

The dog beach is a place where pets can run around and get their energy out. Dogs interact with other dogs and humans. It is where humans and dogs alike can feel the sand under their feet and paws. The ocean then serves as the perfect place to cool off. Meanwhile trees beside the beach allow for people and their pets to relax in the shade and listen to the waves crash.

The boardwalk to the beach is like walking back in time before large buildings overwhelmed the area. It is a place where the natural beach vegetation runs rampant. You feel like you are walking in another world as palms rustle in the ocean breeze.

The beach is great place to unwind, but it is even better when you can do it with man's best friend. The air is filled with excitement but also comfort and bliss.

This picture sums up the energy at the beach as the sun begins to set and people start to leave. The beach air becomes cool and the only noise you hear is the crashing of the waves.

The day concludes with one final walk down the boardwalk back to the parking lot which is followed by a quick rinse for the dogs at the hose and a ride back home.

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