My Learning Journal User Experience Design: UX to UI

Welcome to my learning journal for the Adobe Education Exchange course, User Experience Design: UX to UI. Below, I will post reflections of each week's topics and assignments.


Week 1

Problem Identified: One issue I’ve noticed is teenagers not fulfilling their responsibilities (e.g., chores, homework, etc.) or breaking rules set for them by their parents. Verbal reminders can go in one ear and out the other, and texts/phonecalls can be conveniently “missed” or “ignored”. With the ubiquity of smartphone and tablet use, my goal would be to develop an app controlled by parents that would progressively allow them to progressively restrict their children’s access to certain applications on their phone until tasks have been completed.

Reflection: I attended the live class and recently re-watched the recording. Although my system is not compatible with Adobe XD (I run Windows 8.1), I appreciate the walk-through for how the program works. Moreover, I appreciated the overview provided on user personas and how they’re created. I’ve seen them a few times, but never knew what they were, their purpose, or why they are important.

Week 2

From my notes, key takeaways from class two are listed below.

• The process can involve a lot of post-its!

• Design thinking = being able to solve problems. Methodology: Understanding phase (user needs and problems that need to be solved) -> Experimentation Phase (ideation and prioritizing and planning problems to tackle) -> Validation Phase (taking top priorities and validating them).

• Touchpoint = the sort of interaction that the user has with a thing

• Some coding knowledge is helpful, it’ll help you understand how what you’re designing will be implemented.

• The screens you design for first will depend on the project and use cases.

• Practice your empathy.

• to learn from UX/UI thought leaders.

• A collaborative team that includes developers will allow them (the devs) to understand the intent of the design being created.

• LX = (online) learner experience design.

• Everything is the interface

• User involvement in organizing the sitemap/flowchart content will allow you to understand how they organize/categorize information into groups that make sense to them.

Week 3

Coming soon...

Week 4

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Week 5

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