OPEN ARMS Found in the perks of being a wallflower and love does

Patrick, Sam, and Charlie have contrasting personalities. Patrick is exotically flamboyant, Sam is practical yet whimsical, and Charlie is a wallflower. This illustration shows the personalities of the characters from the point of view of the outsider to the point of view they have towards each other. On the outside, the three friends seem fairly generic; but from the inside circle, Sam and Patrick see Charlie as a wallflower, honoring his beauty.
Patrick is very extroverted and very care free and very gay. Over Christmas break, Sam and Patrick go to the Grand Canyon. They are step brother and sister and quite enjoy each other's company. During their break, Patrick writes a postcard from Arizona to Charlie to keep him updated on the mundane trip. Sam spills her Coca-Cola on the back and Patrick adds a self portrait on the front.
Patrick, Sam, and Charlie drink a lot of drugs and do a lot of alcohol. Food is hardly mentioned in the novel, so this modern day recipe book contains recipes for only drugs and alcohol. Each recipe can be easily prepared, as they only consist of one or two ingredients, and come at reasonable prices. Take caution, these recipes can become highly addictive.
Charlie's favorite subject is English! He's a total nerd, earning straight A's on all of his papers as well as requesting extra assignments and books to read. Literature keeps his mind preoccupied so he doesn't "get bad" again. Charlie is wanted for his academic success to join the library's first annual book club. In likely high school fashion, the poster becomes vandalized.
I called Bob Goff and he answered! Bob Goff believes the people who are most influential are the people who are most available. On the last page of the book is his phone number. He encourages readers to call with any questions or comments about the love shown throughout the book. The pages shown above document the conversation I had with Bob Goff as well as provide visuals from the book and his life.
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