Barn Yard Simple vernacular

The simplicity of a barn is beautiful. Its four sides are sturdy and strong. A metaphor for character. Built to endure any conditions and serve any purpose. They are as reliable as the old trees that share the space around them.

Near my home there is a crop of old red barns that serve the surrounding tobacco fields along the Connecticut River. They are man made but also part of the nature of the place. If someone proposed to tear them down, there would surely be protest.

It is not as if standing out in the heat and the wind and cold year after year doesn't take a toll. Notice the wavering roofline. But the support beams and the red siding is as straight and solid as the day they were nailed into place.


To farm the land is to fight back against nature just enough to bend it to your will. To grow a crop where nature would prefer to grow a forest. The tools needed for this task are specifically elegant. The barn is one of those tools - there is no need for extravagance when four walls and a roof will do.

Early fall.

In these barns we see the basic building blocks of all architecture. A volume of space erected to protect what is inside from the outside. This is the place where the design process begins. And if that's where it ends - it works just fine.


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© Dean Pagani 2019


© Dean Pagani 2019

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