China Reasserts Itself Tweets By: Mady b, drew, rachael

October 10, 1911 from @sunyatsen #fightforthepeople come join me in #Hubei for the #republicanrevolution
Jan 1, 1912 from @sunyatsen I hope the #newchineserepublic will see some changes with me as the provisional temporary president.
Jan 1, 1912 from @yuanshikai Now the #commanderinchief of #Beijing
March 10, 1912 from @yuanshikai Sorry @sunyatsen looks like I'm the new provisional president of #republicofchina
Sometime in 1912 from @yuanshikai Wanted to be #emperor but my plan never worked. #failure
March 10, 1912 from @sunyatsen I can already see that Yuan doesn't have the same ideas and hopes that I had #pray4china #takecontrol
Sometime in 1925 from @chiangkaishek my condolences to @sunyatsen who is now dead. Now I will take over the KMT. #controlfreak #takingover
Sometime in 1927 from @chiangkaishek Today was interesting. It was filled with #executions and driving the rest into the mountains #takingmattersintomyownhands
Sometime in the 1920s from @sunyatsen Just established a base in southern China to fix it and bring it back together. #broke #fixingthebroken
October 1, 1949 from @maozedong Just proclaimed the founding of the people's republic of china! #prc #success

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