French Revolution Natalia Hairston

Some causes that factored into the French Revolution was, absoultism and privilege, taxation, debt, and food scarcity but at the end of it all, was it a success ?

In 1789 France was an absolute monarchy at the time it was a very unpopular form of the government. The kings ability to act on complete power was held up by the clergy and the notability along with the remnants of the feudalism. As the increasing middle class along with some of the working class and notibily was enojoying the equality and freedom of the invidual, they caught ideas using the example of the American Revolution they thought it was practical to practice equality and freedom, They then attacked the nature of the government and fought for freedom of speech and even challenge the Catholic Churches and the Nobles.

Tax itself was already high in Britain but it was a extreme burden to common people in France. But France could not completely rely on tariffs to generate income. Taxation relied on internal tariffs separating the regions of France which prevented unified markets developing in a country. Taxes such as the extreme unpopular gabelle were contracted out out to private collectors which were tax farmers who had the ability to raise tax far about what the government has asked for. This system excluded the nobles and the clergy from having to pay taxes which left the tax burdens on peasants.

The king has managed hus financial affairs by increasing the burden of the ancient and unequal system of taxes, borrowing money, and selling noble titles. France was deeply in debt basically bankrupt, due to expensive expenditures by Louis XIV like the Seven Year War and the American War of Independence

There was different crop failures 1780 which caused shortages in food supply which then led to higher price for bread. As the conditions got worse it caused rural residents to move into Paris which was over populated at that point with hungry people, the peasants suffered the most.

Was the French Revolution a success or failure ? Honestly it was a little bit of both, there was many great things that can be taken from the French Revolutionary War but some negative things as well, such as, for a postive the people gained a taste at freedom of speech and equality while it stirred feelings of national equality. Some negative things are, The Regin of Terror, bread riots from the peasants and failed to establish a constitutional monarchy.

The Reign of Terror ( September 5, 1793 - July 28, 1794) was a period of violence that occurred during the French Revolutionary war with two rival politician factions, Girondins and Jacobins and was marked as a mass execution of enemies of the Revolution. During the Terror, there was at least 300,000 suspects that were arrested, about 16,594 officially executed and 10,000 people that died in prison or without trial.

During the Terror there was a Committee of Public Safety in which Maximilien Robespierre was one of the main leaders, practiced virtual dictatorial control over the French government. He then proceed to up hold the Law 22 Prairial which restricted suspects right to a public trial and legal assistance which then left the jury of the choices of, acquittal of death.

Some of the effects of the Reign of Terror had on the French society and the Revolution was the destruction of property, economic decline, wars with other nations, and the rise of the Napoleon power. Some of the property that was destroyed was the Hotel Deville and the Bastille prison which were destroyed by the mob. Several castles and mansions including property were attacked and destroyed by the revolutionaries. The economic decline came about because of an un stable political atmosphere, inflammation, starvation and unemployment reached an all time high during this time. Many industries were destroyed which effected the French economy. The Terror also brought wars between France and other near by nations, Countries like Britain and a Russia form a sort of coalition and invaded France in 1793 because they were scared by the mass loss of lives including the King and Queen. Napoleons uprising started because he became popular by gaining experience and satisfied the royalist. Also the Reign of Terror led to the disappearance of many important senior officers which then opened up a spot for Napoleon to rise to power in 1799.

The French Revolution Impacted different countries for different reasons such as Europe, America. The reasons for this that for Europe it caused a series of wars between various of countries and the French, which also led to the up rising of Napoleon for reason further stated above. America was impacted by the French Revolution because they helped separate the country between "pro British and pro French factions" Second reason is The French and British went to war, and the US was caught in between with both countries hoping that the US was going to ship to the other country. With this, it almost ended up in war with the French and then finally the war in 1812 with the British.

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