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Student Orientation 2020

The Hidden Curriculum

The Hidden Curriculum began with your Registration Guides in June. Now, the series continues with Student Orientation 2020, and it will continue to guide you through your first year as a college students with step-by-step support, SoE Hub Pro Tips, and more! All 10 episodes are designed to help you with a certain element of your transition to college and are something you can use with the support of your SoE Hub Advisor to keep organized with your academic responsibilities.

You must complete all 10 episodes by the end of the Spring 2020 semester.


The Hidden Curriculum is your "pocket guide" from The SoE Hub to understanding your academic requirements and resources as a student Rensselaer. While you have The SoE Hub in your corner (absolutely), it is up to you to know your academic requirements from registration, to your curriculum. Throughout your first-year, you will be ask to complete The Hidden Curriculum series to ensure that you have the resources that you need to be successful!

The good news is that we break it down for you! Scattered deadlines starting in June 2020 and ending in April 2021 that will ensure you are looking at the exact right information at the exact right time.

What does The Hidden Curriculum cover?

  1. Major-Specific Registration Guides
  2. The Hidden Curriculum and Student Orientation (you are here!)
  3. Your SoE Advising Team
  4. What You Need to Succeed
  5. Registration at Rensselaer
  6. Academic Resources
  7. Campus and Student Life Resources
  8. DegreeWorks
  9. What's Your Plan? SAM and your 4-Year Plan
  10. Time for you Transition

While you can access the links to all the guides now, you many not be able to access the content yet. Your SoE Hub Advisor will email you each set of modules and deadline as we make them live through the academic year. Always keep in mind that the deadlines are appropriately scheduled to each episode to ensure that you have the information you need at the exact right time for it to be applicable to a successful fall semester and first year at Rensselaer. Our goal is not to overwhelm you with too much information all at one time, it's to build confidence in you for tackling your academic responsibilities.

The Hidden Curriculum is designed to support you!

Based on the frequent questions, suggestions, and needs of previous students, The Hidden Curriculum is meant for the first-year Rensselaer student. Please, be certain that that you prioritize each of the 10 episodes. They are quick and full of #soehubprotips (and don't worry, they are quick)!

And, remember, you may always reach out to your SoE Hub Advisor with questions.

We are here to help!

School of Engineering's Student Orientation video chat

SoE Student Orientation (SO)

Summer 2020

The SoE Hub will continue to be as accessible to you as possible. We are here to help, and are incredibly excited to bring you into the Rensselaer community! We began with supporting you in registering for your first semester of college...

Now, it's time for Student Orientation! Yay!

For the School of Engineering, we have broken our SO content into two parts that aim to inform and educate you on becoming a Rensselaer student. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to have a confident start to your college education! Hopefully, there will be very few surprises as you begin.

During your SoE Student Orientation, we will cover...

  • What The Hidden Curriculum is - in detail!
  • Academic Advising in the School of Engineering
  • Your role in academics as a Rensselaer student
  • Resources on campus (both academic and extracurricular)
  • Opportunities beyond the classroom (research, co-ops/internships, study abroad, etc.)
  • Words of wisdom from current students

Let's begin!

Find a link to all recordings of this year's SoE SO Video Chat below!

SoE SO Video Chat

Live video chats, just as you did for registration, will occur between August 17th to August 19th and they will be hosted our SoE Hub Advising Team.

While we want you to aim to attend your advisor's video chat, if you cannot make their day/time, please feel welcome to attend another session. We want you to have access to this information, so you can start your semester with confidence!

Please download (and even print) the SoE Hub Requirements Checklist brochure below. Your SoE Hub Advisor will go over this information during their video chat. You will want to refer to the this brochure throughout your entire first-year of college.

Missed the live SoE SO and need to catch up?

Looking for a refresher on the SO content?

Click the button below!

Once you attend a video chat, you can proceed to Part Two below to complete Episode 2!

A great list of things you should bookmark!
Complete Episode 2 with a mini-quiz

Complete Episode 2

To complete each episode of The Hidden Curriculum, you will take a quick quiz. This allows your Hub Advisor to know if you have completed each required episode, and helps to reaffirm the information that we really want you to walk away with.

Click the button below to finish this required step!

And, that's all for Episode 2 of The Hidden Curriculum!

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