Drip the Raindrop By:Kaitlyn Brooks

Drip was a happy little raindrop and he lived in the ocean.

One day he turned into a cloud and moved up to the clouds. He yelled, "Wow! I'm a cloud!" and rose up.

When Drip got to the clouds he saw his friend named Bob.

Drip asked Bob, "What does condense mean?"

Bob said, "When we condense we turn from a gas into a liquid!"

Just then it started raining and "Woah!" Drip said, as he fell down,down,down. Drip felt like he was on a roller coaster.

"Where am I?" Drip asked.

"You're in the ocean" said, his friend named Bob! "A magical place where you see lots of cool sea creatures," Bob said.

"Oh." Drip said "I like it here." but he moved again.

Then he moved to a other lake and down like a water slide and moved down,down,down he yelled "This is fun!" Then Drip evaporated and moved up to the clouds again.

He said "I'm a cloud again," and turned into a raindrop. He said, "I know what will happen now." And fell down as a raindrop "yay!" He yelled and fell back to his home in the ocean.

"That was fun," said Drip "I hope that happens again."

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