The Industrial blessing By: Noah Oakes Hr 2

Background Info

In the beginning the work was tedious and took a certain person to do just one part of the job then they would pass it to the next person. But the industrial revolution brought more inventions and machines to help work go faster and a lot easier. How factories began in the United States was because of a man named samuel slater. He lived in Britain and snuck blueprints for a factory into the United States, wanting to start them in the US. But with good comes bad and today that's why we are asking is it a blessing or a curse? I believe that the rapid industrial growth was a blessing because, it made the economy better, opened a lot more job opportunities, and brought new inventions.

Economy Improved

The economy is a very important thing in the world today, and also back then. And one thing that made the economy better/gave them more money was the rapid industrial development. Rapid industrial development if you didn't know is a period where the US started to create lots of factories. So one of the reasons this was a blessing was because it made the economy better. The ecnonomy is basically the wealth and resources of a region or country. Because of the industrial development the us became richer and began to have more resources than what they had.

The United States 1860

Job Opportunities

The second reason that the rapid industrial development would be a blessing is that it opened more job opportunities for people. Since more factories were being built and constructed they needed more people to fill those positions needed to be done. This also goes with more job opportunities since more factories came it brought jobs that were harder. Since these were harder this gave skilled workers more of their type of job. This reason kind of goes with the first reason as more jobs came that means that there would be more money made. Since more money was made the economy became better so these two go together and were a big aspect of the industrial development.

Andrew Carnegies steel mill- 1870

New Inventions

The final reason was a reason that helped production of products become much faster slowly overtime. This reason is that the rapid industrial growth brought new inventions to us. Lots of big things used nowadays were created such as the wheel, the photo and the cotton gin. The cotton gin allowed cotton and their seeds to be separated much faster than by hand. The wheel was a huge invention that is still used today it allows us to move things faster, and it was used in the first car, it has so many more uses as well. The photo was also created around 1860 and is also used today in our phones, cameras, and helps us in many ways. The photo allowed you to keep a kind of memory on a piece of paper.

Cotton gin

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