Become a GIANT Junior Ambassador Ready to join the #GJA team?

The GIANT Junior Ambassadors are a selected group of PhD students from the GIANT Innovation Campus labs, who liaise between the GIANT campus communities and the external community, including other students, researchers, international visitors and industry professionals.

Being a junior ambassador is a fun, varied and flexible duty. PhD students who are interested in a chance to contribute to shaping the campus community and developing their own leadership and organisation skills are encouraged to apply. Applications are assessed on a rolling basis.

What does being an ambassador mean?

GIANT Junior Ambassadors take on a two-fold mission: (re)presenting the GIANT campus internally and externally, and driving the events sponsored by GIANT for the PhD students and junior researchers community.

Event planning and organisation

GIANT Junior Ambassadors are tasked with organizing two flagship events sponsored by GIANT for the student and junior researcher community:

  • The Junior Scientist and Industry annual meeting: the annual event for GIANT students and junior researchers to explore careers in industry, network with industry representatives, and get some tips for career planning. Next edition: 11 March 2021
  • The GIANT Orientation Day: a welcome event, to federate incoming PhD students, let them know about opportunities offered by the GIANT campus, and give them an opportunity to visit other laboratories and large-scale facilities on campus. Next edition: 14 January 2021

Each junior ambassador chooses one of the two events and joins the organisation team.


GIANT Junior Ambassadors are equipped with communication material and channels to allow them to inform students and researchers around them of the events and opportunities offered by the GIANT campus, and to be able to give a presentation about GIANT to any external visitor.

For me, being a GIANT Junior Ambassador was another way to feel involved in the research life in Grenoble, without spending more time in my lab. It was a great experience meeting a lot of friendly PhD students and also other senior researchers. Being a GIANT ambassador is not time-consuming at all; it is that extra little activity that makes you go out of your bubble to meet people and be active (psst 🤷‍♀️ I validate more than 24 hours in my doctoral school). Thank you GIANT! - Khaoula, GJA 2019/2020

Who can become a GIANT Junior Ambassador?

We are looking for current PhD students working in laboratories affiliated to a GIANT founding member or a local company located on the GIANT innovation campus – that means if your lab is located somewhere between the synchrotron and Grenoble Ecole de Management’s main campus or Grenoble INP’s Viallet campus, you are qualified to apply.

Your doctoral school does not have to be in Grenoble.

What do ambassadors commit themselves to?

Being a GIANT Junior Ambassador should take no more than 1 hour of your time per week in average, but there are occasional peaks of activity.

  • Junior ambassadors commit to attending 1 meeting per month, and 2 or 3 meetings in the month leading up to the event they’ll be working on. These meetings take place after office hours or at lunchtime.
  • Junior ambassadors must be available on the day of the event for which they will join the organisation team, and for a teambuilding and briefing event in September.

What are the incentives?

While the position of GIANT Junior Ambassador is a volunteer role, it comes with some rewards:

  • Certificate of time spent on organizing and working on events – you may submit it to your supervisor or doctoral school to validate credits, to their discretion
  • Partial GIANT sponsorship for scientific conference or industry fair fees
  • Priority access to high level events organized by GIANT – and the inside scoop for whatever is going on on campus
  • An official position and new skills you can easily showcase on your CV
  • And of course some GIANT Campus apparel and goodies!
Meet the current team on IGTV @giant_grenoble