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What deos it mean to be a good citizen.

To be a good citizen you need to respect freedom of speech and rights. You need to respect social laws and and pay taxes , you should also vote. To respect freedom of speech you need to use appropriate language for the people around you. To respect people's rights you need to treat them with respect and decency. In order to follow social laws you need to think before you do. Another way to follow social laws is to not do something people around you do not do. In order to pay taxes you need to have money and to have money and Not fall into debt you need a job. To be a good citizen you should vote to show opinion and to help decide the future of the country.

what do you think is the most effective style of government, and what does the government do?I think that representative democracy is the most effective styles of government .We have government to keep us from anarchy and to make us act like civilized humans.Society needs someone or something to enforce and protect their rights. In representative democracy there is a constitution to respect rights and hold people accountable for doing their responsibilities.In the United States representative democracy is the form of government there is a constitutions that protects specific rights and laws.The government created the constitution, the constitution stated what the government can do. The government creates jobs and keeps us from anarchy and acting like animals. The government creates currency's and alliances with other countries, it also protects us from other countries.The government is important to keep us all in tact, but it is also important we have the right kind of government .

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