SugarCane By:Chenhao

Have you ever wondered where your everyday sugar comes from? Well your not likely to know and if you did you probably only know a few facts. Sugar comes from two plants Sugarcane and Sugar beet. But we're leaving the research about Sugar Beet to you. So you can read about the thrilling facts of Sugarcane.
Sugarcane belongs to the Saccharum class from the Poaceae family. New Guinea was actually the first to adapt the plant but Indians were the first to discover the sugar and juice inside the cane and actually the first to extract and purify it!!!
The Indians would shred and squeeze the juice into cane juice. They would remove all the solids likes mud and rocks with hot water. It was then boiled until it thickened and molasses-Rich Sugar Crystals would appear. They would then take of the molasses and pure white sugar crystals would emerge.
Sugarcane started to spread to other nations when Emperor Darius of Persia invaded India around 500BC. Originally in the ancient times they used honey as the main sweetener. When the Emperor invaded India successfully they bought back the crop Sugarcane to Persia. It was nicknamed the "The reed which gives honey without Bees"
Sugar later made its way to Western Europe where an Admiral of Alexander the Greats armies called Nearcus described it as "The honey yielding reed". After that sugar spread like wildfire. From Egypt to Italy and to Spain. It was even made into a kind of Beer.
Overall I think the history of sugarcane is absolute amazing. The fact that they used honey as a sweetener in the ancient times means that we could use honey more too. They must have thought that sugar was some other type of honey that doesn't need bees to produce.

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