You're Booked A Game by: Nigia Greene

The game "You're Booked" simulates the life of college athletes. In this simple game, you are playing as a character who represents college athletes. In this version the character is a basketball player. There are items up above him and they will be falling down at varying speeds and angles. The objects come down in a overwhelming fashion that hopefully gives the player a real feeling of how student athletes spend their lives. The objects selected have specific meanings that add to the life of the athlete. The speed of the objects simulate how busy the athlete is on a day to day basis. This game is not meant to be super easy because the life of an athlete, contrary to many people’s beliefs, is challenging.

Image of gameplay.


1. You are the black character. You move him with the arrow keys. He can move in any direction.

2. Collect objects that promote a healthy lifestyle for an athlete. Healthy objects are basketball, apples, and trophies. Trophies count as two because there are fewer of them.

3. Do not touch the chocolate or the donuts or you will be reset to the beginning.

4. Collect as many objects as possible before all the objects disappear off the screen.

Actual Gameplay

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