National Ag Day Tuesday, March 21st is national ag day. the minnesota department of agriculture is celebrating by highlighting a few of our state's top ag products. take a look at some of our top ten rankings and help us thank the farmers that make it happen! #Agday #mnag

Minnesota farmers produce more red kidney beans, sweet corn for processing, sugarbeets, and turkeys than farmers in any other U.S. state.

We're #2 in hogs and pigs, corn for silage, green peas for processing, and spring wheat production.

We rank third in soybean production, dry edible bean production, oat production, sunflowers for oil production, and total value of agricultural exports.

We're the fourth largest producer of canola, barley, corn for grain, and processing vegetables.

Minnesota has the fifth largest off-farm grain storage capacity, and we're also fifth in harvested acreage of principal crops and crop production value. 

We're sixth in cheese and honey production, red meat production, and the number of dairy cows and dairy goats. 

Minnesota is number eight in wheat, potato, and milk production.
We rank ninth in number of organic farms, all forage production, and steers weighing 500 pounds or more.

And finally, Minnesota is the 10th largest producer of alfalfa hay.


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