ROBOTIC OPERATIONS ARCH 8833 // Keith Kaseman + Mehmet Bermek

Having gained substantial momentum within the past decade, advancements in the field of robotics in architecture continue to develop at an astonishing rate. Countless experiments, demonstrations and professional applications of automated assembly applications carried out in academic institutions and professional fields across the globe point to a host of inevitably transformative impacts within design professions and construction industries. It is evident that ever-widening access to robotic equipment provides architects with unique opportunities to extend their reach into fundamentally new modes of design, spatial operation and material production. This introductory course aims to serve as a point of entry into this wide field of potential and development, and is geared to be a hands-on working seminar utilizing the Kuka robotic arm (KR 120 R2500 PRO) and other systems in the Digital Fabrication Laboratory (DFL).

Spring 2020 Students

Darcy Brown

Jordan Graves

Shantanu Kushalappa

Collin Grill

Sookwang Lee

Will Reynolds


Long Exposure Captures / Operational Warm-up Exercise & Safety Check



ROBOTIC CHAINSAW: tool-connection detailing, fabrication and electrical wizardry by MEHMET BERMEK.

KUKA|prc simulation for test-cuts, seen through Fologram :

Fully dialed in and first successful cut-demos, 24 hours before the Covid-19 lockdown:

After weeks of diligence and development, everyone was incredibly excited to put their skills to the test and cut complexly interlocking cross-laminated timber (CLT) components. However, the sudden shift to remote realities prevented us from exploiting our newly installed tool and collective control over our robotic chainsaw. As such, we re-positioned our mission for the final weeks of the semester into a fully digital mode that proved to be super productive. Robotic Operations participants were tasked to form teams, rapidly design robotic timber projections and program our robotic chainsaw to produce key nodes of the resultant spatial systems. This culminated in a fresh burst of technical acuity and a host of GH / Kuka|PRC template files that are geared to both inspire and facilitate robotic production at GT School of Architecture in the near future.

Shantanu Kushalappa + Will Reynolds
Scenario Matrix Disaster/Pandemic Response Depot + Community Asset
Jordan Graves + Sookwang Lee
Various cuts + Grasshopper Scripts
Darcy Brown + Collin Grill: "semi-universal" Grasshopper / KUKA|prc template runs like magic - not show here, please inquire!