Kidnapped BY: Jacob Lee

It was a cold winter day and I was outside in my yard with some friends and my brother, they were Steven, Tyler, and Dean. We were playing football, when my friends, Bob, Frederick, and Joe came down the street that I lived on. I wasn't expecting what was about to happen to me.

I did not notice them until my brother said “Bob, Frederick, and Joe are coming down the street.”

At first we started talking then I asked what they wanted and they said that they were just walking and then they asked me to go into the woods on the side of my house with them, so I did. Tyler and Dean then followed us into the woods. Then Bob asked me if I wanted to come to Joe’s house and I said why. Then they said Just because. Then I said no I won’t.

Bob yelled “Get him!”

Fredrick and Bob grabbed me by my arms and legs.

Then Joe said “I don’t really know the woods real well.”.

They said that they wanted to get to a certain street that will bring us to Joe's house. Tyler and Dean helped them.They put me down and told me to walk and then I tried to escape. They ran after me. Bob got stuck in a thorn bush. Frederick helped him get out of the thorn bush as Joe ran after me. Then Joe caught me. Soon after Frederick and Bob caught up to us and they took me again.

Tyler and Dean still helping them to get to the street they were trying to get to. I tried to run again. This time they did not catch me and I ran and ran. I eventually made it all the way into Manville. Then I saw them coming for me. So I ran again but then they caught me again. Once they caught me they brought me to this cliff in the woods and then they told me their plan and that it was off. So after a few minutes of thinking about it I thought that they were telling the truth. They told me to come with them and they would let me go. I had made the wrong decision. Once we got back on the path, they once again took me but this time by my shirt so I could not get away. So, then Tyler and Dean helped them again to get to the street that they were looking for that took us to Joe’s house. After about five minutes of walking we found our friend Andrew and I told him what was going on and how I was feeling. At the time I was feeling worried and a bit anxious.

Then he whispered to me “I will help you escape”.

So he acted like he was helping Joe, Bob, and Frederick. Then we eventually made it to the street they were looking for so then Andrew told me to threaten to call the cops on them as a joke, if they did not let me go. So I did.

I said “I am gonna call the cops if you do not let me go.”

Then they started thinking if I will actually call the cops. So, then they let me go. I then went back home with Dean, and Tyler. A few days after the incident I made the tough decision to forgive them. Through this experience I learned to ask everyone what we are going to do before we do it. Also to only trust people that you are close with. I never should have trusted these couple of friends but I had made the wrong decision to trust them.

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