Matthew Fetter PHOTOGRAPHY 1 period 4

I used my moms Nikon camera for this picture. My stepdad has a little guitar collection so I laid down on the floor on my back and was just in auto focus and took the picture and this is how it came out. It ended up winning in the photo challenge.
Again I used my moms camera and it was on auto focus. What I did was hang a pair of old soccer cleats from the roof and then focused it just on the shoes and had the background be bokeh.
With this photo I took in the courtyard of the school, it was the day after it had rained so there was a lot of droplets on leaves. Right before I went back to the classroom this leaf caught my eye and I had to take a picture of it, this is what it came out to be.
When I took this picture it was super super rainy out and so what i did was get really low to the ground and then turned the shutter speed up really high to capture drop of rain hitting the ground. throughout the whole year this picture took me the longest to take.
This was one of the last photos i took this year. The whole class was painting in light with the cameras and what happened is the teacher turned on the light right as i was finishing circling the light around my body. So my body came out blued but the light from the flash light still got captured. Then I edited it in Photoshop.

The reason I make my art is to show what art I can capture through a camera and present it to people and get constructive criticism to know what to do differently in the future. To be honest what inspires me is wanting to be the best I can at taking pictures and to me there is no limits on how good I can become. It signifies the unique ways I look at things and how I in my own way capture art. I think its special on how I make art is because I like to get a lot of unique angles instead of being a generic angle. Art means a lot of things but one of the most is it really shows people on how I look at things and all the different ways you can capture beauty. Beauty is in the hand of the beholder.

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