ZEUS By luKe bommelje

Facts about Zeus

1) Zeus was the god of sky and thunder and ruled the gods of mount Olympus

2) Zeus was born on Crete. Two caves high in the Cretan mountains with his parents Cronus an Rhea.

3) He had two brothers Poseidon and Hades poseidon was the god of the sea and Hades was the god of the underworld.

4) Zeus's sisters were Hesta,Demeter and Hera. Hesta was the god of architecture. Demeter was the god of corn,grain and harvest. Hera was the god of marriage and she was the wife of Zeus and queen of the olympian gods.

5) Zeus's equivalent for the roman gods was Jupiter. The difference between them are Jupiter was a roman god and Zeus was a Greek god. A similarity is they were both the god of sky and thunder.

This is Jupiter


Created with images by syvwlch - "Zeus" • Dimitris Graffin - "Colossal head of Zeus, found at Aigeira, Achaia. Second half of the 2nd c. BC."

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