The death of Matthew Shepard when justice changed all


The back round of this of this murder is crazy. Where and when did this happen? This happened on October 6, 1998 it took place at a local pub in Wyoming. Why did the kill him? The killers just wanted to rob him because he looked like an "easy target" ( Meredith Worthern). Shepard made a pass at him so maybe that set him off. Did he know know these people? He may have known Aaron Mckinney because Aaron was into drugs and Shepard did drugs as well. This was just all the basic information about the back round.


The fence that they tied him up to.

During this murder it got very gory. The question everyone wants to know how did they kill him? It first started out in the car when Shepard made a pass at Aaron and Aaron was not having it so he stared to hit him with the back of a pistol. They drive to a secluded place where there the was a wooden fence. They first took all his money because they needed money for drugs. Then they tied him to a fence and kept beating him. Russell Henderson the other killer tried to stop Arron because it was getting out of hand. Aaron wouldn't stop though so Russell went back to the truck. Aaron then took a few more blows and then started to burn Shepard. It was very freezing so they left Shepard out in the cold. They drove off into the night ( Julie Bindel).


After the beating it was tragic. How did they find Matthew Shepard? He was discovered 18 hour's later by a bicyclist his name was Aaron Kreifels. Did they find the killer? To answer that question yes they did because Aaron ended up in the hospital. He was in the hospital because he got in a brawl after beating Matthew Shepard. He had a Fracture on his head and was just a couple doors down from Shepard. How was the community after this? Over 700 people attended his service many were standing outside in the snow. His death was now a forefront of the fight against anti-gay bigotry and hate. How did they know they killed him? The police found Shepard's wallet and bloody gun in Aaron's truck. I'm very glad they caught them and now they were serving life in prison ( Melanie Vigil).

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