Battle at Lexington and Concord By: Jordan Armstrong

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On the 19th of April year 1775 the Battles of Lexington and Concord broke out. Just five years earlier more lives were lost in the Boston Massacre which was where five American colonists were shot by British troops. And just one year before the battles of Lexington and Concord the First Continental Congress met in 1774 in response to the Intolerable Acts. One year later it is said that on the 18th of April one day before the battles hundreds of Red Coat British soldiers lead by General Gage marched towards Concord from Boston. The red coats were going towards Concord for two reasons: to get the ammunition and the arms that the colonists had been hiding back, and to capture John Hancock and Samuel Adams who were two revolutionary leaders. John Hancock and Samual Adams were both members of the Sons of Liberty who were fighting for American Independence. The British didn't like the idea of American Independence being spread so they wanted to capture those trying to do such thing. What most people want to know is why did the Red Coats want the ammunition and arms back from the colonists so much that they came all the way from Boston to get it?

A day or two before the two battles Dr. Joesph Warren learned of the British plan and called upon Paul Revere to alert John Hancock, and Samuel Adams of the oncoming British troops. Paul Revere said that he would warn the colonies when the British were coming, and how he warned the colonists was by lighting one lantern and placing it on the Old North Church steeple if the the Red Coats were coming by land and two lanterns if they were coming by sea. Thankfully Paul Revere was able to get his message to the colonists before the Red coats made it to Lexington. How did Paul Revere impact the outcome of the battles of Lexington and Concord? When the Red Coats arrived in the Lexington town square they were met by about 77 colonial militiamen. One shot was fired while no one knows which side made the first shot after the smoke cleared eight colonists died and nine more were wounded while only one red coat was wounded. The Red Coat soliders eventually made there way to Concord where they had no luck finding any of the hidden ammunition or arms, and eventually retreated back to Lexington where they were attacked by Millitamen. The real question is, will this be a start to an even greater battle in the future due to the same problems that other colonies are facing?


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