Kick it Off Good 2017 in Prosperity of Life

Hey there folks! Nate here!

We just got back Sunday night from the Prosperity of Life Kickoff 2017 Event in sunny, tropical Queensland. Coming out of one of the more rainy Melbourne winters in some time it was wonderful to land in the Gold Coast and feel the warmth sink in.

Surfers Paradise skyline

The Gold Coast is probably the second most famous tourist destination in Australia after Sydney. The small airport receives thousands of tourists a day from all over the world, especially Japan and China. And at this time of year swarms of 'schoolies'--high school kids celebrating the end of another school year--converge on the town. For North Americans think: 'spring break in pimples'!

Chinese tourists line up for a group shot in the evening sun.

The event began pretty much on time (but, unnecessarily early) at 800am Saturday morning. It was so cool to welcome our team member Alex Naki and her husband Kanaki, who had flown in all the way from Maui for the big day. For their efforts they took out a Bronze Medal for distance travelled, losing out to a small Canadian contingent and a couple of brahmins from Boston. It was also exciting to have Sally Moore, a Red Cross colleague of long standing, drive up from across the border in NSW. And even more exciting was to welcome her to the team! Way to go Sally on your decision!

Fighting the jet lag!

The first part of the day was a business presentation for guests who were there to investigate what the fuss was all about. Rachel Krider (sans Shane, who had visa problems getting into Australia, believe it or not. Nothing fishy just bureaucrats bungling things up, we are told!) did a stellar job of making the Prosperity of Life case. With a mix of bumbling nervousness and outrageous luxury she hosted a powerful and moving 90 minutes. People, including Yvonne, got up on stage to share how their lives have been positively impacted by the POL products. And how the business had completely transformed their circumstances. What could have been a revival-tent event was actually very authentic and matter of fact. It was impossible not be be impressed by the stories of such a diverse range of women and men.

Coffee break!

The rest of the morning focused on the fine and delicate art of prospecting. The leaders (Alison, Adam, Chrissy, Leanne, Kirsti, Simon and Pauline) got on stage and proceeded to demonstrate how to dial for dollars "Live"! There was a rather long and pregnant moment at the beginning when all of them were furiously hitting their phone's keypad but no one was picking up! (Goes to show you that 'no answer' is a condition that affects even the biggest earners in the company!) But eventually connections were made and the fun began.

Yep, that is the rather counter-intuitive truth to prospecting. When we talk to people our attitude should be to find ways to disqualify the person. Let them do the work, and demonstrate to us why they are the right ones to work with: big thinkers, passionate about positive change in their lives, high energy and teachable. Grumps, grouses, angry and rude people, as well as know-it-alls and complainers, are all suspects. The message from the leaders was "Be kind, but press the 'delete' button firmly! Move on."


So what is to be done with suspects? Alison and Pauline took to the stage to role play a couple of scenarios with which we're all familiar. The bored, low energy suspect. The angry, interrupting suspect. The 'I just want a job' suspect. Both ladies proved to be excellent actors, especially Pauline as the Dazed Bimbo! The participants then were given a chance to prospect complete strangers in their vicinity. It was fun to play the suspect and get it all out after being on the receiving end so often!

After lunch the focus shifted to marketing. The emphasis was almost entirely on how to get the most out of Facebook which according to Rachel is the most powerful and exciting mode of marketing she's come across in all her 15 years of being a marketer.

If you've been listening in to the weekly calls you'd have been across a lot of what was shared by Leanne and others. But the most interesting section was the one on Niche Marketing. Kirsti Mailer and Alison Wheeler led an in-depth discussion on niches which turned out to be the most interesting part of that session. After running through the 'theory' they opened up to the participants to share some of the various niches they are using. The three that stick in my mind were Type 1 diabetes sufferers, boat builders and, get ready for it, mud wrestling mums! Sadly, the session had to be wrapped up quickly just when people were getting into it!

Hey there! It's Yvonne now.

What struck me this time around, was the emphasis on WHO you are showing up to be? WHO are you BEING when you are creating your ads and your profile on Facebook? Also, who are you when being in your posture whilst prospecting?

Staying in your integrity and showing up just as you, in your authenticity, resonates more with people than trying to be something or someone you're not. You are you and you have your own unique gifts and resonance. In other words, we all need to honour ourselves, our own journey, and the wisdom we have gleaned from being in life. We have much to offer others.

In terms of prospecting, and mastering the art of communicating, we were reminded that we need to develop the ability to give the prospect space to be who they are, first. Holding the space.....allowing them room to wriggle and not making them wrong or right....just allowing them a place to express their fears or their anxiety can often lead to a more authentic conversation and connection. It's not just a matter of running through the script, and ticking the boxes.

I always find that standing up, with my body and arms open, helps to create a more empowered and engaged me, than just sitting at a desk hunched over, mumbling down a phone. I also tend to get up and dance a bit to shake the energy out and move it through my body, so that I am in a higher vibration for folks. I also imagine bringing white light though my crown melting it through all of my body too, opening me up to myself more as I write or talk to people.

There was A LOT of other stuff happening in the sessions (branding, one-on-one interviews with distributors, awards for newly minted M8 Directors --including us!--and top income earners) as well as in the hallways during the breaks. There also was a big announcement before the Event ended.

To give everyone the best possible chance of success in 2017, Prosperity of Life announced that any M1 or M7 Director can upgrade to M8 and fast-track for the next 21 days (until Christmas Day). The offer includes the usual M2 and M3 material/events as well as the Business Branding and Alchemy Jetpack products. As they say, 'you are either going to make yourself rich or someone else rich in this business.' Availing yourself of this offer means that you still only need to pass up your initial two sales! But instead of having $1828 or $5000 conversations you're having $19,000 conversations!

Upgrading to M8 is a big step. We know! But when we made the decision it was obvious to us that if we really were serious about creating a multiple six-figure income for ourselves, there was no way we could not step up. The amount and type of work that is required as a M8 Director, is exactly the same as a M1 Director. The only difference is the amount you receive in return for your effort. When we understood that, we jumped at the opportunity to set ourselves up with the greatest chance of success.

So if you really want to move forward in this business in 2017 and set the platform for ultimate financial success, we encourage you to give this offer serious thought. Invest in yourself and your future this year!

Another highlight was having a good chat to Rachel on the M8 Directors cruise on Sunday. I was very inspired by her ability to host this Kick Off by herself without Shane or Greg, especially as she still was recovering from her surgery and had flown with their daughter, Leila from Chile. She also remarked how she was moved by what I said in my testimony. So Yay!

And for the record: Leanne Bartlett has made 800,000/year for last 4 years! While Hems Thakrar, was recognised for being only the second person (after Rachel) to become a member of the $50k and $100k Club in a single month. Total profit $158,000. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for him. He's a true inspiration. A man who came to the business, "Not for the money, as I already have two very successful businesses", but because he sees Prosperity of Life as a 'business of the future' with the following attributes.

  • Low transactions costs and high returns. (For us non-business types that means: just a few sales = lots of money!)
  • Completely online
  • No physical inventory
  • Outstanding products
Our Fearless Leaders!

(l-r) Paul and Alison Wheeler, Amanda and Adam Bude, unknown interloper, Rachel Krider, Pauline O'Hallaran, Kirsti Mailer, Leann and Andrew Bartlett, Chrissy and Cole Greig

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