My Utopian Society

Language: We will speak english, and communicate with people through talking, text, and writing.

Food Supply: In our society, we will be vegan, and will grow a big part of our food, mainly being fruits and vegetables. We will cook our own meals, and will be very experimental in the kitchen.

Religion: We will all have the same religion, being Christian. Every Sunday, we will go to church, and pray. We will all have the same beliefs, so we will all get along.

Economics: To make their money, people will have jobs, and work. Most people will have jobs and make money, and they will give to the poor. People will make good choices with their money, and not waste it or loose it.

Government: We will have a democracy. People will share, and make good decisions that have positive outcomes on the world. People will not get greedy, and will help not only themselves, but others around them. Our religious beliefs will also have a role in our government choices.

Technology: We will have phones, computers, and tv's in our society. People will not be addicted to them though, and spend time with their friends and family.

Culture: In our society, we will wear normal clothes that will change through out each season. People will choose their own hobbies, and do what makes them happy and what they are good at. People will be very polite to each other, and show respect to everyone. Education will be very important in our society. Every person will get an education, so they can get a job and become successful. All architecture will be similar in our society. This way, everything will look neat and like it belongs. We will have big houses and yards. Sports will be very popular in our society as well.

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