Audrey Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier ( shacwes cartear to pronounce it ) was an important EXPLORER who even gave Canada it's name! He was born December 31, 1491, so if you're wondering if he's still alive, than that should answer your question!

Where was he born you might ask? He was born in Saint-Malo, Brittany, France. As a child his dad was a fisherman, so he fished with dad very often. Soon, he went to navigation school, and as you probably expected, he excelled in basically every subject!

A couple years after navigation school, ( in 1534 to be exact) King Francis sent Cartier to the new world AKA North America, with two ships and 61 men ,then finally arrived after 20 days. He EXPLORED Newfoundland , discovered Prince Edward Island, and went through the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The same King that sent the EXPLORER on his first voyage, had sent Cartier on another adventure in May, with 110 men, and three ships! He had captured two Indians which he used as guides He was welcomed by the Iroquois by them saying where the gold, silver, and other treasures were. Unfortunately, before he could go and get the treasures, he had to deal with his first bitter winter! The worst part of this, is that the river had frozen over, making it impossible to cross!

The EXPLORER finally returned, and had to go BACK!!!! This time with five ships. He set up a campsite with the supplies he had, and EXPLORED Quebec, to find "gold and treasures ", but they were actually not treasures!!!!! Cartier went back to France. Cartier's adventures were over. France didn't send him on another adventure.

Unfortunately the EXPLORER died September 1, 1557 Saint -Malo, Brittany, France. Although he was not very popular, he is appreciated for giving Canada its name! I hope you learned a lot about my favorite EXPLORER, Jacques Cartier!


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