O Captain! My Captain! Walt Whitman


This poem is about a captain who has been out at sea and is dead. We do not know how he died, and where the rest of the crew is at. But we do know that the crowd of people is waiting for him.

Analysis and Annotations

For this poem I made a list off to the side to help me better understand what I was reading. Such as "the people all exulting" that tells the reader that the people were expecting them and were excited to see that they were finally home."the vessel grim and daring:" No one really wants to be on the boat however, which makes me think that the mission was not a very moral one, and many did not want to go.

The only word that sticks out to me is the word keel. It is interesting because it helps keep the ship steady but in context it says "While follow eyes the steady keel." So the ship is steady but the people are paying attention to that part.

"Bleeding drops of red." This makes it sound as thought the captain was killed and recently. However it does not mention any other crew members except for the speaker. This makes the reader think who killed him, and why?

"Here Captain! dear father!" This makes me wonder if the speaker is truly a son, or a son of his trade. He may not be related but may call him father because of his loyalty as a ship mate.

"My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will," This makes me think that the Captain does not want to live, and was peaceful in his death.

"From the fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;" This supports my earlier statement that not many wanted to go but all wanted to get the"object".


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