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Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is very easy to use. After searching in the search box, a range of course regarding the human body came up. This suits the majority of the learning apart from kinesthetic. I think it will be able to be retained easily as the videos were engaging. The website is very easily navigated due to its systematically coloured approach. The Website is extremely user friendly. The courses within this website are free. A major advantage of Khan Academy is being able to learn at your own pace. A disadvantage of using Khan Academy is that you need a computer or smart phone with internet access to complete the course. This site is engaging as it has a variety of test and quizzes to be completed. this also helps with retention.


Coursera is yet another extremely user friendly website that has many high levels courses on a very wide variety of subjects. The contents of the courses are very in depth. A down fall of coursera is to get the full contents of the course, you are required to pay a fee. A disadvantage of using Coursera is that you need a computer or smart phone with internet access to complete the course. Coursera shows very clearly displayed information wit an easy to read layout. The colours and layouts of the course make the websites information very retainable

Personal Experiences

Between working with Khan Academy and Coursera, I'd prefer working with Khan Academy as I felt I Interacted better with it. Khan Academy was more suited to my learning style, because I am and Audio Learn and Khan Academy provides videos, Coursera is more of a text based website. I also found the information on Khan Academy to be more retentive due to the colour schemes and layout style.


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