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Getting Creative with Adobe Spark Projects - Tell Your Story, April 4th 2019

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Come get inspired with Adobe Spark, a free online and mobile graphic design app that allows you to easily create beautiful images, videos, and web pages that help tell your own story. Explore how you can use Adobe Spark to teach concepts, assess learning, and prepare your students for success as digital communicators. We will focus on moving from consumption to creating. This session will focus on the power of Digital Storytelling and is aimed at teachers wishing to start their journey in understanding and using digital tools to create captivating digital stories, presentations, and communication. Come get inspired by seeing a variety of examples used across grade levels and content areas. Help your students tell their story or demonstrate competency.

Adobe Spark is a suite of apps called Adobe Spark, which allow both web and mobile users to create and share visual content – like posts for social media, graphics, web stories, and animated videos. On mobile, the Spark collection is effectively a trio of apps Adobe Spark using - Graphic - Webpage - Video

What will you create today?

Go to spark.adobe.com to get started
Adobe Video
Adobe Web Page
Harnessing Mobile Learning for Creativity

Let's Get Creative with Page

Let's Get Creative with Post

Let's Get Creative with Video

Science Multimedia Lab

Let's Get Creative with Adobe Exchange Community -Lesson Plans and more to help get started!
Adobe Science Lab - Page

What's your D? Create your image Post/Graphic and share to Padlet

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