Battle of Berlin Germany vs. soviet union

Where did the battle of Berlin take place? The battle took place in Berlin Germany. The picture above is a map of Germany and the red star is where Berlin is located.
Who was the battle against? The battle was against the Soviet Union and Germany. The picture above was taken during WWII and in the picture is a group of German soldiers.
Who were the leaders of the Battle of Berlin? The leader of the Germans was Adolf Hitler. Hitler fled towards the end of the war. Above is a picture of Adolf Hitler during WWII.
Who were the leaders of the Battle of Berlin? The leader of the Soviet union was Georgy Zhukov. The picture above is what Georgy looks like during WWII.
What type of battle? The battle of Berlin was an on land battle. The Soviet Union had around 20,000 tanks and guns/canons. The Germans had around 1,200 tanks and guns. The picture above is a picture of what a WWII tank would look like.
What was the goal? The goal of this battle was The German and The Soviets fought. The soviets attacked on Germany first and that upset Germany so, Germany then surrendered. They wanted to take out this specific city to take out Hitler's rule. It was the last major battle of Europe. Above is the after math of the battle. Berlin Germany was affected badly as a city.
When did the battle take place? The battle took place April 16, 1945 and lasted until May 2, 1945. The picture above was taken in Berlin during the battle.
Where is the location of this battle? The location is in Europe the significance of this location was that is was a main city and that would knock Hitler out of the war. It was essential for them to win the war because Hitler’s rule was terribly threatening. Above is a picture of the city of Berlin.
Significance of this battle: Stalin's attempt to take Berlin ahead of his allies in 1945, led to the death of 70,000 Russian soldiers. Tilman Remme followed historian Antony Beevor as he examined the conquering army's conduct, and unearthed evidence that might explain why the Soviet leader took such risks. The picture above is a image of the aftermath of this battle.
What was the result? The ending result was Germany surrendering to the Soviet Union. Above is a picture of the Soviet Union flag.

Facts about the battle: Around 150,000 Polish soldiers fought alongside the Soviet Union.

Some historians believe that Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was in a hurry to capture Berlin before the rest of the Allies so he could keep German nuclear research secrets for himself.

Poland celebrates its Flag Day on May 2 to commemorate the day it raised the Polish flag over Berlin in victory.

The battle left over a million Germans without homes, clean water, or food


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