Metriks FCE IN A BOX A better Instrument

Are you Assessing a full Functional Capacity Evaluation?


Have you ever had a hard time finding the right equipment for you to complete a FULL FCE assessment?

You DO NOT have to do that anymore with Metriks FCE in a box. The Metriks FCE in a box is a ONE time purchase and you will be provided with the equipment you need to complete a FULL Assessment.

Metriks Education recognizes and is highly grateful for clinicians and physicians who willingly participated in guiding the development. These tools: The digital inclinometer, hand grip functional cube and push-pull force gauge are equipment used to complete an FCE.

"As a result of their commitment to the safety and well-being of their employees, their corporate incident rates continue to improve."

Are you performing Functional Capacity Evaluations, effort testing, Fit for work, Pre-employment tests?

You need the right instruments to complete a Full FCE Assessment. Metriks provides a full package of equipment to ensure that you have the right tools to complete it.

The American Medical Association Guides to Impairment recommends these products to complete a full FCE assessment.


We will provide a variety of devices that will last you for a long duration of time. These equipment are research-based, simple-to-use, portable and accurate. This is your chance to modernized your equipments and provide you clients the best and simples service!

Fewer medical and injury claims means a decrease in costs and overall increase in safety!


Metriks FCE in a Box includes everything you need to complete a Functional Capacity Evaluation. The FCE in a box comes with a digital inclinometer, hand grip, functional cube, and push-pull force gauge.

We've got you covered with high-quality content

We will provide you with accurate, reliable, research-based devices that will help you with your needs and to effectively perform assessments.

Metriks provides courses, training and tutorials to walk you through how to assemble and use these devices.

Along with the purchase of Metriks Courses, we will provide you FREE access to the Metriks Education Software for educational purposes.

Get a Sneak Peek of the Metriks FCE in a Box:

Bonuses to Help you Serve your Clients Better

  • A downloadable manual and instructions are included with the purchase of the FCE in a box, to help you reach your goals faster and support the education you are providing to your clients.
  • Metriks created a step-by-step guide video to help assemble and learn how to use these products effectively and efficiently.
  • Metriks will provide examples of assessments that can be performed with each equipment.
  • Lifetime warranty!

Meet Your Instructor

In the past 25 years of teaching students how to perform functional capacity evaluation. Students need the right instrument, modernized, easy to use to perform an FCE effectively. There is a small learning curve to using these equipment but it is intuitive.

Kevin Cairns, Founder Metriks Education Inc.

Buying the Metriks FCE in a Box, you will:

  • Get comfortable with an Easy-to-use, modernized and portable tools that can provide services with confidence.
  • Learn how to use all the devices with our step-to-step tutorials and Instructions manuals, where Metriks created an in-depth descriptions of how to use the equipments.
  • See accurate and reliable results of all assessments and testings. Metriks offers a research-based experimented and high-quality equipment.
  • Learn more about Functional capacity evaluation with courses provided by Metriks Education.


If you have purchased the Metriks FCE in a box , but was not satisfied with the product. We have a 30 day return policy and the customer needs to ensure that the equipment is the condition that it was recieved, unworn and unused, with tags an its original packaging. The receipt is needed for proof of purchase.

We will offer suggestions and happily refund the products. Our mission is to bring value and success to you and your clients using our products.

Email us at kevin@metriksfce.com, tell us about your experience with out metriks equipment and ask us to connect with you to process the refund.

Injury prevention is the most important thing an employer can do to significantly decrease costs of occupational injuries!



How do I zero the instrument?

To Zero the instrument, start by placing the device on a flat surface, with magnets on the bottom and then press the Zero button.

What if it breaks?

Does it need special batteries?

The Digital Inclinometer requires only 2 AAA batteries.

How do I calibrate it?

To calibrate the device, start by pressing the ON/OFF button located in the lower left of the unit. Then calibrate the device by placing it on a flat surface. Press the ZERO button.

Is there a hold a feature?

Yes, there is a Hold feature on the Digital Inclinometer. The hold button is in the middle of the three button and it is pressed to hold the current score on the device. Press the button again to release the hold.

Will the device break if it drops?

The device will not break if you drop it.

Now it is time for you to decide. You can...

Decide NOT to purchase Metriks FCE in a box, watch your clients consult with other health care professionals that do have the equipment.

You will MISS the oppurtunity to earn extra money educating yourselves with Metriks Courses and training, and you the information provided to Service your clients.

You will use an inaccurate tool to measure Impairments, Ranges of motion, effort testing and overall have an inaccurate result for the FCE if you do Not purchase highly reliable tools provided by Metriks.

Using unreliable and equipment that is not research-based will highly impact the accuracy and results of your clients. You may potentially lose a ton of money with this method.

Do NOT miss the chance to help build your business and practice! The resources that Metriks Education Provides will help develop confidence when working with clients. By purchasing Metriks Education Equipment, courses or software, you will realize all new kinds of opportunities within you scope of practice. We will help your business grow!



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