Frater Jake joined the Mu Nu Chapter in fall 2011 as the 573rd member to sign our scroll. He finished his time with the active undergraduate chapter in spring 2017 and graduated from UW-Platteville in the summer of 2018. He finished school with a degree in Business Administration with emphases in Finance and Management. Jake now works at Associated Bank as a banker in Madison, where he lives with his fiance Laken. Jake and Laken got engaged in February of this year.

What is the best part about TKE for you?

It's been a variety of things for me. When I moved to Madison, it was nice having people to go and hang out with. When my dad passed, it was great for those that reached out going through that tough time. And when getting married, it is going to be nice having some standing in my wedding. No matter what, it is always good to know that we as an organization, are there for each other.

You recently asked Laken to marry you and she said yes! Do you have a date set? Are you two planning all the wedding details?

Yeah, September 5th 2020 is the date. We've got a lot of the major ones done, but we still have some things to finish up. We still have time which is nice.

How did you propose to her? Where did you two meet?

We went out to eat at one of the restaurants and just popped the question. We met at the TKE house when Laken started school.

What brought you to Madison?

Laken and I were trying to figure out the best places for us to be after we both graduated. We both decided that moving to Milwaukee or the Quad Cities area wasn't an option, so we decided on Madison since both of us had some friends established here.

Do you two have any favorite activities or places to go in Madison?

When I don't work on a Saturday, we like going to the Farmers Market. When it's nice on Sundays, we like to go to Governor Nelson State Park and take the dogs on a nice long hike when either of us didn't make plans.

That was our next topic! Tell us about your beautiful dogs! Are they male or female? When did you get them? What are their names?

Male and female. We got Nuk (our male) in the spring of 2017 from a Husky rescue in LaMott, IA. We got Kya (our female) last year around this time from Danielle Peterson who is Kip's (Frater Shane Peterson) wife. She knew we had one Husky and well, it just kind of happened.

Is that a favorite dog breed for you two?

We don't necessarily have a favorite breed. It just happened to work out that way when we got both of them.

As a couple, have you traveled outside of Wisconsin together?

Well she is from the Quad Cities, so we do it often. But we are going to Miami in February for our dating anniversary.

Did you pick Miami as a destination for a reason? Have you been there before?

Not really, we wanted to get away from the Wisconsin winter for a week so we decided that something in the south was in our favor. We haven't been to Miami yet. That was another thing that we wanted to do. Go somewhere that we haven't been to before.

What has been your favorite trip together so far?

As a couple we've only been to Nashville together. So that one would probably be the best. But if we are talking about personal as well, my favorite trip has been to Australia.

When did you go to Nashville together? When did you go to Australia?

We went at the beginning of August and actually met up with Kub (Frater Henry Karlzon) and Margaret (2015 Sweetheart) for drinks one night. I went to Australia when I was maybe 11 or 12 with a student ambassador group. It was so much fun when I went. I'd love to go back if I could.

What do you remember most about your Australia trip?

Eating a kangaroo tail and holding a koala. The kangaroo tail tasted like ribs if I remember correctly.

Did you get to see any cool things in Nashville?

A few things. We went to the Jack Daniels Distillery, went down Broadway Street and saw the Country Music Hall of Fame.

How was the Hall of Fame?

It was cool. It was nice learning about the history and seeing all the memorabilia of all these country artists.

What was the last concert you went to? What is your dream concert?

Thomas Rhett at Summerfest this year. I'd love to see Blink 182 in concert.

  1. Winter or summer? Summer
  2. American muscle or import? Both
  3. Rain or shine? Shine
  4. Pants or shorts? Pants
  5. Lemon or lime? Lemon
  6. Bike or hike? Hike
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