Tool Time by christian novak

Do you know about animal tools? In this article, you will learn about terrestrial tools, marine animal tools, and making tools.

Terrestrial animals use tools. A monkey, over and over, tries to break a nut with a rock until the nut is broken. The woodpecker finch eats small insects that dig into wood. It uses its beak to squeeze into small places. The Egyptian vulture picks up a rock to throw at an ostrich egg.

Marine animals use tools too. Dolphins in Australia tore of bits of sponge from the sea floor. Sea otters use tools to get food. They balance a small stone on their stomach. Others hammer shells against a rock so the shell will crack.

Animals can make tools too! Octopi make tools out of what it can find on the ocean floor. Interestingly, elephants use branches and plants to swap flies, dig holes to find water, and rips bark from a tree into shape of a ball to plug the water hole.

You have now learned how animals use tools! As a result, you can study animals when you grow up!

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