Life in Panama, Mexico By: Dominic Hutton


Panama is in the NW part of Earth

Panama is also in the continent North America (and maybe South America to)

Panama borders two country's. Colombia and Costa Rica.
Panama also borders the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean.
Panama City (capital of Panama) is in the coordinates 9°N, 8l°W

Physical Characteristics

This is Panamas largest mountain range. It's called Volcan Baru and it stretches out 11,401 ft.

This is the longest river in Panama. It's called the Chucunaque River. It's 144 miles long.

There are three temperature zones. The temperate, tropical, and arctic zone.
Panama is located in the tropical zone. Its also 70 degrees or higher.


Panamas population is moving up and for 2017 the total population is around 4 million people.
Panamas population density is mostly 25-249 people per km2.
The growth rate is dropping. Its its really low because 4.5% is only in January 2017. Imagine what it is like now.

This is about the top 5 largest cities in panama.

  1. Panama City (408,168 people)
  2. San Miguelito (321,501 people)
  3. Tocumen (88,543 people)
  4. David (82,859 people)
  5. Arraijan (72,815 people)
My country has more people leaving, so because panamas population is about 4 million, people there wont be living there anymore which is sad.


  • GDP per capita / $16,500
  • Life expectancy / 78.3 years
  • Literacy rate / 94.1%

I think my country is a developing country because its information if mostly low. The GDP per capita needs to be $30,00 or higher to be a developed country, but Panamas GDP per capita is only $16,500, so that one down. Next, for Life expectancy the age would have to be 78 or higher, luckily Panamas life expectancy is 78.3(0.3 ahead), so that's two down. Finally, the Literacy rate would have to be 99% or higher, but Panamas Literacy rate is only 94.1% so that's how I know my country is developing.

In my words I would say that from this information, most panama people speak Spanish here.
Panamas religion is mostly Roman Catholic.

This is about some famous characteristics about these people

  1. First, the panama canal is a line of water right down the middle of panama so boats can get goods and other stuff delivered faster.
  2. Second, there are people who fish but if they encounter a whale they go for it.


  2. Geography Alive!


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