Current: "Traditional" Tech-Ed Curriculum, Staffing Changes, change in administrative Leadership,Technology Disbursement plan

Opportunity: Implement S.T.E.M. classroom; Student-led/choice, project-based, technology-infused (digital Design, maker Space, Multi-curricular pBL, other?)

Potential Hope: Collaborative strategy to be constructed by pBL teacher, Technology Resource Teacher, administration, and district personnel involved in PBL instructional approach


Innovative, Creative, Collaborative!!, prep for advanced High School Magnet Programs, College/career Readiness, community-involved, Class size reduction, ignite the school (" Start Somewhere")


currently between administrators (staffing, scheduling, etc), hardware investment, parent acceptance ("it's not broke..."), position of staff on having "general" students participating

Applicable Quotes from this Morning:

"start Somewhere" - Justin

"The challenge is expecting immediate results" - Trigg County

"Project-based Learning is the serving as a vehicle for equity" - High Tech High

"Change is a part of a vision for success" - Some Polish tRT from Fayette County


Created with images by wilhei - "electricity voltage light" • ferderer.cale - "Internet in the classroom" • US Department of Education - "Duke Ellington DNG 357" • USACE HQ - "Corps participates in regional Future City competition"

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