My Personal Story 10 Thing to know about John Mancuso

I was born on September 29 1995 in Kansas City MO. I have lived in this city since then and loved living here since.
I'm currently an online student at Park University of Parkville Missouri, Studying business administration, for my future career in law enforcement. I really enjoy the classes I'm taking, and I hope one day that I can attend the campus.
My current job I have is getting me one step closer to my career path. I'm currently working as a civilian at the Kanas City MO Police Department in the Detention Unit. The work is hard and the hours are long but its a step closer to where I want to be in the future. I've been working for the Police department for 8 months. I've enjoyed it since then. It only makes me want to be a police officer more. About Three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take the entry level tests for the police academy and I'm still waiting to hear back for Human Resources. Its a very exciting and nerve racking wait. But It keeps my mind in the focus on where I want to be. My ultimate goal to move up to the federal level in law enforcement and work toward to become a United States Marshal.
Some of my hobbies I have are cigar smoking, hunting, barbequing, and fishing. I've been smoking cigars since I was 18. I enjoy sitting down in my favorite cigar lounge and smoking a nice cigar while I attend to my studies. I feel smoking a cigar while doing homework helps me stay focused, I feel it makes me think more clearly, and Its very therapeutic in my opinion. My second favorite hobby is hunting and fishing. I have been a avid hunter since I was 5 years old. The type of hunting that I enjoy most would be duck hunting, mainly from growing up with it but enjoying it with my grandfather and father who taught me how to hunt. And I've been fishing since I could remember. Along with cigar smoking I feel that hunting and fishing is a therapeutic alternative. And being a Kansas City native, its an absolute must that you have to know how to make mouth watering barbeque.
As a Kansas Citian I proud to be a fan of the 1985 and 2015 World Series Champions Kansas City Royals. Watching sports is one of my favorite pass times. From watching football on Sundays to getting ready for spring training coming up. What I love the most about this team is that it has fans that care and the team loves the fans even more. One big example about how we are so devoted to this team is when we heard about the recent passing of our staring pitcher Yornado Ventura. Hearing that news shocked our entire city and the baseball community.

I am a frequent traveler. I have been to New York, Palm Springs, Omaha NE, Williamsburg VA, St. Louis, Chicago, and so many other places. I plan to travel more often in the coming future. I'm planning to visit London, Germany, and so much more.

I'm a huge car show fanatic. Every time get some free time during the summer is go to classic, truck, and bike shows. Every summer in Parkville MO where my school is based out of hosts a nightly classic car cruise night. You see almost any thing from muscle cars, 57 chevy's, Model T's and A's to more modern hotrods. My dream car that I would love to own one day is either a 1970 Chevelle, or a 1959 Cadillac Deville. Its a lot of fun going to these shows and seeing cars from all over the country, hearing different stories behind the cars, and seeing them in action.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my web page. I hope you learned a little bit about me and what my future goals are and what I like to do in my pass times. I hope you visit some of my other web pages that I'll be creating in the near future.


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