Will Whitmer's Promise to “Fix The Damn Roads” Be Kept?

Yusuf Mian | December 6th, 2018

As the election cycle ends, many of us, myself included, take a sigh of relief that the intense campaigning, the never-ending news coverage, and the attack ads are over. However, in politics, even after an election, the process is continuous. Now that the voters have spoken, it’s time for the winning candidates to get the ball rolling on their plans for their constituents. Take Governor-Elect Gretchen Whitmer, for instance. In the 2018 Michigan Gubernatorial election, Whitmer, the Democratic nominee, defeated Republican Bill Schuette by a margin of 53.3% to 43.7%. Whitmer spoke a lot about her goals as governor throughout the gubernatorial election, and now that she’s been elected, Michiganders can finally see some action. To help get things started, Whitmer recently announced the group of experts she will work with in the coming months to help her transition to governor be as smooth as possible. This group, known as her transition team, is chaired by Attorney and University of Michigan regent Mark Bernstein.

According to Whitmer, the goal of the transition team will be to identify the qualified people to fill Governor-appointed positions and to put together policy teams that can properly implement Whitmer’s proposals for the state of Michigan. One of her most popular plans is to fix Michigan’s roads, made popular on the campaign trail by her saying, “Fix the damn roads!” Whitmer will also aim to improve the state education system, to make healthcare more affordable, and to ensure that all Michiganders have access to clean water. Now that the stress of the election cycle is over, Michiganders can finally see the ways in which their new governor stays true to her promises to better the state.

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