Photography class 2017 By: daniel demarin

The beautiful art of photography there are many guidelines you may choose to follow or not to follow. In the school Archbishop McCarthy, Mrs. Santilli has trained our eyes too look for beautiful photo opportunities and how to take pictures based of the guidelines.

To look for a good picture you need to look to the guidelines of photography to optimize your picture

All of the pictueres in this story are all taken by students and are based on different assignments with rules assigned my Mrs. santilli.

These are just some of the pictures taken in photography class

This is a close up picture of a tree in black and white which provides a cool new spin on a picture of a tree and gives it a new angle to look at.


This is my favorite picture taken all year. It is a picture taken of a dog and the sun is reflecting off the water on the lake which made for a good picture.

Photography class is very interesting and it is a great way to train your eyes to look for good photo opportunities. Overall this class is fun and is is a great way to learn how to optimize your photos in the future.

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