Ruby Bridges 1960 Integration Of Schools


  • Take exam to get into school
  • One of 6 students who passed
  • Parents argued about letting her go
  • Only black child who went

U.S. Marshals

  • U.S. Marshals had to escort Ruby because of angry mobs
  • Drove her to school
  • Kept her safe
  • They told her not to look back at anyone


  • Dad lost his job
  • Grandparents were kicked off of the farm they loved on
  • Grocery stores wouldn't sell them products
  • Ruby was told not to buy lunch at school

Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges changed the world and the lives of many others because now schools all over have been integrated.


Created with images by TradingCardsNPS - "The Ongoing Struggle for Equality" • eslfuntaiwan - "quiz test exam" • theogeo - "pineapple" • Infrogmation - "Ruby Bridges 21 Sept 2010"

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